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PirateThe.Net invite – 30$

logo piratethe netPirateThe.Net review 2015

PTN is a ratioless movie tracker.  PTN has scene torrents unrared, which is great. It tracks almost 26K torrents, which is not very much compared to PTP which has over 100K torrents. But if you’re just looking for the latest releases PTN is great and you can download all you want right from the start. Torrents are not grouped by movies on the browse page. If you click on any torrent it’ll take you to a movie page where you can find all torrents for that movie. Encodes by PTN internal team SKALiWAGZ are pinned to the top (see browse page screenshot). One fun feature are Diamonds, they appear randomly around the site and just float around until someone catches it (I caught 1 while writing this review, and 7 since v3 launched). Collect enough and you can spend them in the Diamond shop. You also earn gold for seeding and other activities, but the gold shop is currently disabled(hopefully, not for long). PTN has moved away from promoting based on total data and now only upload data is counted. I lost one user level because of that. But I still like PTN a lot.

PTN also has an OST section where are lots of soundtracks there in various formats, but mostly FLAC.

Site Statistics:

  • Total Torrents: 26,162
  • New Torrents Today: 30
  • Alive Torrents: 5,553
  • Dead Torrents: 20,609
  • Forum Topics: 1,328
  • Forum Posts: 31,130
  • Peers: 11,782
  • Seeders: 11,683
  • Leechers: 99
  • Unconnectable Peers: 1886
  • Unconnectables Ratio (%): 16
  • S/L Ratio (%): 11801


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