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Customer satisfaction is something we take great pride in.

Please let us know how we’re doing!

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  1. Apollo /

    Very fast service and staying in contact the whole time, 10/10 would do business with again!

  2. Great service, fast response. It just works as it advertised. 😀

  3. Great service. Nice informative site.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Chevalier /

    5 stars.

  5. Philippe /

    Great service. Fast, efficient and trustworthy

  6. As expected. thanks

  7. Sibbes /

    Great service, trusted seller. Thank you!

  8. Service as advertised. I’ll be back soon for another purchase.

  9. Richard P /

    Worked as advertised. Absolutely no issues and quick turn around time, along with good advice to get started. Will use again.

  10. Great Service

  11. Very helpful, worked without any issues.

  12. Worked like a charm.

  13. Good, very fast. Excellent chat!

  14. Reply quickly and get you an invite in a snap. Highly recommend this service. a++

  15. Instant reply, and you will get the invite you asked for. Very professional, and highly recommended!

  16. Instantaneous response and delivered on his promise on time . Don’t see a reason why I need to go to anyone else .

  17. Jacob /

    Fast, excellent service. Absolutely recommended. A+++++

  18. Hrvoje /

    great service, this guy knows what he is doing, he will give you instructions how to do sth if needed, I`ve got what I`ve payed for in less than 10 minutes.

  19. Quick response, great service. Thanks you! You’re awesome!

  20. Very quick and successful transaction. Would recommend

  21. Francoz /

    I just tried it for the first time and was worried before I paid but I got the invite instantly. And it works no problems. Thanks.

  22. Great working with – was a little worried as it was my first transaction but they came through, and fast!

  23. TBH I half expected to never hear anything after I transferred the money but I was duly sent the invite promptly. The invite successfully worked and now I am happy chappy.

    Communication was very fast. Would definitely use again!

  24. Works as advertised! Thanks!

  25. Joe /

    Very helpful and professional. Thanks.

  26. Frank /

    Fast , Reliable People!!! ery trustworthy!
    Im happy 🙂
    Legit service, received the invite I requested, quickly. Fast and helpful communication. I’ll be back for more…
    Highly recommended!!!

  27. Bruce Wayne /

    Used several times – never had any issues. Highly recommended

  28. Pash /

    Great service, very trustworthy.

    Would definitely recommend.

  29. Pike /

    Amazing service. I was hesitant to pay before receiving the invite and it was no issue. They sent me the invite and I paid after being able to register with the site. This was quick, east, and they addressed my concern about payment. I highly recommend this site.

  30. Worked flawlessly, very fast to respond. Invite came very quickly after payment.

  31. Legit service, received the invite I requested, quickly. Fast and helpful communication. I’ll be back for more…

  32. Frederic Fournier /

    Great service. Everything delivered as advertised

  33. if youre reading this, its because youve done everything possible to get an invite. for me, i was on IRC, on forums, trying everything.

    so i decided i finally had to pay, but then of course, which service to pay, right? its hard to know who to trust.

    well you can trust these folks. i got what i was after, and even a little bit of tracker advice.

    youve found what youve been looking for.

  34. It worked..This actually worked…Not only did I get the invite I had been looking for for weeks..but the service from these guys was top notch..Fast response..communicative emails. I’m considering ordering up a second and a third.

  35. Works as advertised! Thanks!

  36. Peter /

    Super service
    Fast response

    I would definitely recommend to all.

  37. Extremely fast service, I had the account within minutes A++

  38. Worked perfectly as advertised, and extremely quick, I recommend !

  39. I look forward to hearing from you! Great blog by the way!

  40. Good and fast

  41. legit. Everything worked 😉

  42. A+++++

  43. Top service.
    Thank you.


  44. Jay /

    legit and professional service

  45. Ned /

    Great service – prompt and as advertised. Reply came immediately and invite came within moments.

  46. Very informative article, i am regular reader of your site.

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