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Dec 28, 2016

Tehconnection review 2017   TehConnection is focused on providing a platform with which to archive the highest quality in both standard and high definition film to its members. Additionally, we encourage our members to upload their own quality encodes. To that end we have built a fantastic... invitation – 40$ review 2017 This is the new CHDBits (Classic High Definition Private Tracker) Tracker Name CHDBits Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Tracker Statistics: Users Active... invite – 21$

HD-Torrents invite review 2017 . Tracker Name: (HD-T) Tracker URL: Signup URL: Invite only Tracker Type: <Ratio-based | Movie | TV | HD tracker . HD-Torrents is one of the best trackers specialized in HD content,It is well known of top quality...

PassThePopcorn (PTP) invite – 199 $

PassThePopcorn invite 2017 Tracker Name: PassThePopcorn (PTP) Tracker Genre: Movies Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus System: Yes PassThePopcorn is the biggest and the best movie tracker on the internet Its is a Gazelle-based tracker and has a whopping collection of over 110,000+ movies in... invite – 40$

karagarga review 2015 Tracker Name: Karagarga (KG) Tracker URL: Signup URL: Invite-only Tracker Type: Ratio-based movie tracker Tracker Birthday: January 10th, 2005 Karagarga is a tracker for old/classic and rare movies.  One of the greatest torrent communities on... invite – 30 $ review 2016 Cinematik is specialized in DVD (mostly) and BD/HD-DVD (not much) non-mainstream movies: art-house, classic, experimental cinema and so on. Staff itself position the tracker in such manner:  No “Hollywood” style blockbusters, mainstream or popular... invite – 9$

Bit HDTV invite BIT-HDTV is one of the better HDtrackers and has been online for over 7 years. The site is decent for TV content, but great for movies. It has had 2 hugely popular release groups as internals in the past- FraMeSToR & EuReKA, and presently has Grond & Kink. Something I really like...…

PirateThe.Net invite – 30$

PirateThe.Net review 2015 PTN is a ratioless movie tracker.  PTN has scene torrents unrared, which is great. It tracks almost 26K torrents, which is not very much compared to PTP which has over 100K torrents. But if you’re just looking for the latest releases PTN is great and you can download...