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Tracker Name:         CartoonChaos

Tracker URL: 

Tracker SignUP:      Closed Invite Only

Tracker’s Genre:      Cartoon


On Cartoon chaos you can only find cartoons and animated movies. Torrentbase is large. It counts more than 3000 torrents. A lot of them are season packs or even complete cartoon series.
There is also an active request thread in which one you can reserve yourself a place to upload the chosen request.

The design is nothing special. The torrents followed by gold are freeleech. During holidays they often have global freeleech for a day or even a couple of days. As you can see torrents are added almost every days.

Bonus system: It is effective. Sometimes is hard to seed here since the ratio between users and torrents is very very low.
Grabbing some freeleech torrents and seeding them for a long time can get you lots of bonus points which are calculated by the formula Bonus points per hour = 0’1 x #(seeding torrents)

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