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Animebytes is one of the few trackers that’s only for downloading Anime, Manga and J-Music and the only private one. It has over 18k torrents and 5k users. Here are some detailed information on the site.

They have a large selection of Anime in different qualities (HQ DVDRips, 720p and 1080p BDRips, DVD and Blu-Ray ISOs). All 1080p and Disc Images are freeleech which really helps your ratio.
Besides Anime this tracker also has lots of Manga, J-music and OST and also Games and CG sets (Needless to say they’re all Japanese Games).
Hentai (18+) content and h-games are also allowed on the site.

You can also earn bonus points (Yens) by seeding torrents and some other activities. They’re mainly used for buying upload credits (1000 Yen per GB) but you can also use them to buy a custom title (25000 Yen), a 24h personal freeleech(100k Yen) or donate them to the site or other users. Whenever the donated points to the site reach 9 billion, there would be a sitewide freeleech. You can also convert your upload credit into Yen (Same rate as before). I’ve posted a screenshot of how points are awarded to users.

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