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General – 40$

Scene access tracker review 2017 For those of you who don’t know, SCC is one of the fastest 0day private trackers (#1 on multiple Torrent racing channels). However, not only do we provide you with the fastest pres on the net, we also offer 2 freeleech sections, the archive (movie, tv and game...

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Movies -29$

Tehconnection review 2017   TehConnection is focused on providing a platform with which to archive the highest quality in both standard and high definition film to its members. Additionally, we encourage our members to upload their own quality encodes. To that end we have built a fantastic...

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Music invite – 40$

Apollo tracker invite After the close of WCD , many new trackers appeares to follow their legacy but is for sure the best alternative, the site looks very nice, they have for now over 575,566 Torrents and growing fast, your required ratio is calculated using (1) the total amount of data...

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E-learning – 190$

Thevault tracker review 2017 Tracker Name:  TheVault Tracker URL: Signup URL:  Invite Only Tracker Type:  E-learning/business Tracker is the only tracker that makes users not only smarter, but also richer. After all, all the material on this site is directly...

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Show/Hide New Feature: Bumped Torrents Cinemageddon just added a new feature to the site: Bumped Torrents. If someone reseeds a torrent that has gone unseeded for over a year it will be bumped to the top of the torrent list and receive a 1% seed/leech bonus for every month the torrent has gone unseeded.…

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TorrentLeech – New Invite Giveaway! (closed)

Summer invite giveaway! Signup with code KICKTHATASS and get your account! 30k spots open, so hurry up! Edit: Closed now…